Top 11 Other Doctor Who Announcements


On Sunday, the BBC aired a half hour special where they announced that Peter Capaldi would be playing the 12th Doctor starting with the upcoming season. With all of the hoopla surrounding the casting news, it was easy to miss the other 11 announcements made about the show

11. The Doctor’s former robot companion K9 will be appearing in Pacific Rim 2

10. An American version of Doctor Who is being developed for the big screen by Zack Snyder. In this version, the Doctor will be a gun-toting vigilante who fights crime across the universe, and has terrific abs

Better have your lawyer's number handy
Better have your lawyer’s number handy

9. Much has been made about how David Tenant, the 10th Doctor, is married to the daughter of Peter Davidson, the Fifth Doctor. The two had a dual announcement that they were finally throwing off all pretenses and marrying each other

8. The BBC has hired a well-known patent troll to pursue litigation against anyone selling or wearing long, colorful scarves

7. The Daleks have grown tired of being perceived as being one-dimensional killing machines, and are looking for other venues in which they might show off their talents. This will result in the first album by DT & the Extermination Band

Did not see that coming

6. There will finally by a James Bond/Doctor Who crossover, proving once and for all that James Bond is from Gallifrey

5. Production will begin on a Doctor Who West End musical, “Turn Off the Dalek.”

4. The Doctor’s new companion will be played by Dean Stockwell, recreating his role from Quantum Leap

Because why not?
Because why not?

3. After a firmware upgrade for its chameleon circuit, the Tardis can now transform into a giant robot

2. A season-long story arc will have the new Doctor meeting all of his previous incarnations. Deceased actors will be portrayed by elaborate 2Pac-style holograms

1. John Barrowman has not denied a SHIELD/Torchwood crossover. Of course, no one has confirmed it, either, but let’s get that rumor started!


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