Top 11 Pop Culture Moments from 2013

Let the season of the year-end lists begin!


11. Breaking Bad ended in a surprising way, when Walter White had his neck broken by the Man of Steel

10. Doctor Who announces that cute, cuddly Matt Smith will regenerate into older, curmudgeonly Peter Capaldi. Millions of teenaged fangirls decide to watch Arrow instead

9. DC Comics continues their trend of Batmanizing their brand by coming to an agreement with a popular pop band and creating the Aquabats TV show

8. When pressed for definite news about the upcoming Star Wars film, Disney confirmed that Star Wars is definitely still a thing they want to make money from


7. Marvel Comics announced that they are creating a new TV series for every character they have ever published. Wave 1 will feature new shows about Cypher, Forbush Man, Devil Dinosaur, and Obnoxio the Clown

6. After running into problems with Chevy Chase, the producers of Community hired professional character-killer Joss Whedon to ease Chevy out of his contract

5. Pacific Rim sweeps the Golden Globe awards, becoming the first film to win both Best Picture and Best Animated Feature

4. Patton Oswalt’s improvised rant about Star Wars on Parks & Recreation turns out to be 100% accurate, Patton is hailed as the messiah

3. Agents of Shield proved that Disney does not have the surefire formula for adapting a comics franchiseron_burgundy

2. Congress passed a law requiring every local broadcast market to feature Ron Burgundy at least once

1. After two years, Geoff Johns finally gave up on trying to make Aquaman cool


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