Top 11 Rejected Pro Wrestling Gimmicks

Come at me bro!

Comic books are not the only place that a ridiculous character can call home. Pro Wrestling has seen its share of outrageous costumes and bizarre characters, ranging from leprechauns to clowns to an evil Canadian mountie. However, even by these lax standards, some gimmicks are just considered too weird to exist.

11. Andrea the Giant

10. Sgt Slaughter’s original tag team partner, Colonel Clink

9. “Rowdy” Roddy McDowell

8. Randy “The Village Person” Savage

7. Glen or Glenda, the Transvestite Terror

6. Irwin Troll, the evil IT guy

5. Shia La Boeutcher

4. The Wolfpack of Wall Street

3. “Ravishing” Steve Rude

2. Leapin’ Larry the Cable Guy

1. The Comic Shop Owner Who Refuses to Tweet


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