Top 11 Technological Marvels We Didn’t See at CES 2014


CES 2014, one of the biggest consumer electronics shows in the country, just ended its run in Vegas. All of the major electronics companies were there, showing off their gizmos, but there were certain nerd-centric items that were nowhere to be found

11. Chameleon circuit repair kits

10. Skynet T-500 “Dust Terminator” Home Maintenance Android

9. Dick Tracy two way wrist radio

8. Knight Industries Two thousand Fourteen (KITTF) prototype smart car

7. Brundle Systems Teleportation Pods, now with Insect filters

6. ED208 Home Security Bot

5. Mr Fusion Home Generator System

4. Blipverts

3. StarkTech Pacemakers

2. Tyrell Corporation Off World Kick Murder Squads

1. Michael Bay branded teleprompters


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