Top 11 Vacation Destinations


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I was in Los Angeles this week for the LA Podcast Festival. It was a tough choice to decide where to take my vacation this year, there were so many possibilities

11. Bizarro World – I would recommend finding a quaint little couch & dinner spot on one of the planet’s corners, they am the worst

10. Latveria- A quaint little Balkan nation that seems like modern times just passed it by; insiders recommend trying to time your visit for when it’s ruler, Victor von Doom, is away trying to conquer the universe

9. Alderaan – Alderaan is a peaceful planet, and is renowned for its beautiful full moon. Wait a minute, THAT’S NO MOON!

8. Atlantis – Not the crappy DC version of Atlantis, ruled by that miserable half-human freak, but the Marvel one, which is ruled over by the that other half-human freak

7. Paradise Island – While you’re there, make sure to check out the invisible jet factory

6. Bismoll – Home of famed Legionnaire Tenzil Kim, this planet is renowned throughout the universe for its creative approach to cuisine

5. The Bottled City of Kandor – Most people prefer being shrunk down to appropriate size before seeing the wonders of Kandor, but personally, I enjoy remaining at full size and playing Godzilla

4. Mogo – This pastoral planet is the perfect location to get away from it all. You will likely never see another living soul during your stay here, because Mogo doesn’t socialize

3. Westworld – A popular vacation destination for the idle rich, this resort recreates the Old West and is populated with remarkably life like androids. There was some unpleasantness there a few years ago, but that has been fixed, and now nothing could possibly go wrong go wrong go wrong go wrong

2. Skull Island – Don’t let the name fool you, this tropical paradise is filled with friendly natives and a lovely king with a taste for beauty and bananas

1. Ceti Alpha V – I don’t have to travel anywhere… THIS IS CETI ALPHA V!


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