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WildStar Enters Close Beta (Preview)

WildStar from Carbine Studios has sat on the periphery of my vision for a few weeks now, watching and waiting for my interest to become piqued. That time is now!

According to emails sent out by NCSoft, the overly cartoony MMORPG has begun its closed beta program, something that I only just registered for around an hour ago — lousy time management skills!

Don’t know what WildStar is? Well, let me show you this handy video that is coincidentally titled “What is WildStar?” to help freshen up your mind.

Warning: Video may cause me to make my second spontaneous pregnancy joke of the day!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_4_riSI7Ydg]

Pretty awesome looking, eh? The art style of WildStar is what first pulled me in and made me curious, but it’s a couple of other features that may make me stay to play.

Paths: Your Path to Adventure, or More Paths

WildStarWildStar is taking a different stance on the typical mechanics of combat and exploration most MMO players are used to. Their idea is to offer players four paths for how they want to interact with the world: The Explorer, The Scientist, The Soldier, and The Settler.

Now before you ask, these are not fancy ways of dolling up the old term “classes”, which dictate how you get around the world. Paths are the explanation for why you’re trying to make your way around the planet of Nexus. What kind of content can we expect from these paths? Well let’s see…

The Explorer

The Explorer is the type of person who enjoys journeying off on their own, venturing through the world to discover ancient artifacts and new locations. Their goal is to claim territory for their faction and to further their own prestige.

The Scientist

The Scientist is on Nexus to discover its mysteries, while unlocking unique abilities. There is currently no video for me to extrapolate information from, so I’m going based on descriptions and the like.

The Soldier

Now this may be considered your classic MMO path. Set out into the world for conquest and combat! The goal of the soldier is to gain new weaponry and combat skills, while growing in ranks to help aid your faction, or perhaps just yourself.

The Settler

Finally, we come to The Settler, which may be the path I’m most intrigued by.

You are the pillar of the community. Bring civilization to this newly discovered planet by constructing outposts in dangerous areas and upgrading existing towns. Work with others to improve the world with banks, transportation networks, vendors, and other helpful structures to aid your allies.

The idea of a character that works to build and help ‘furnish’ the world sounds intriguing beyond my wildest dreams, which is odd since I’m usually not a social person. I’m waiting with bated breath for a video depicting this character path to arrive.

WildStar 2

Home Ownership
(AKA The Only Thing I Truly Miss From Star Wars Galaxies)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8MyI75JzS0E]
The above video excites me more than anything else when it comes to WildStar. The idea of having not just an upgradeable, furnishable home, but a full base of operations to grow my crafting trade, gather raid groups, or even throw a patented ‘Sexy Party’? Jeez, just count me in!

Items and furniture appear to be available through both stores and random questing, but hopefully they opt-in to the idea of making some furniture akin to trophies, tying them into a theoretical achievement system. I haven’t seen anything claiming their will be such an achievement system, but how cool would it be to show of your in-game accomplishments in such a literal fashion.

WildStar has only just entered closed beta, which means it is still a ways off — late 2013 or early 2014 when I last checked. We’ll update you on more features of the game as they’re announced, which is good because holy hell does this MMO excite me!

If you would like to sign up for the game’s closed beta, you can do so here.

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