Top 11 New Superman Powers

In this week's issue of Superman, he uses a new power for the first time, Super Flare. However, this isn't his only new power, just the only useful one...   11. The ability to get to the center of a tootsie pop in only two licks.   10. Super potency. Lois knows what I'm

Top 11 Characters from Alternate Universes

The Spider-verse and Multiversity storylines are in full swing, featuring characters from alternate universes from throughout continuity. But what about the other variant heroes that weren't cool enough to showcase?   11. The Hulk, but he is purple and wears green pants.   10. Ghost Rider is the spirit of eco-vengeneance, and rides a

Top 11 Comic Book Bands

This was totally an original work intended for this blog, and certainly not my rejected entries for @Midnight's hashtag wars...   11. Mighty Batmitey Bosstones   10. Prince & the New Mutant Generation   9. King Crimson Avenger   8. The XTC-Men   7. ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Walking Dead   6. The Jimi Olsen Experience   5. Ziggy

Top 11 Sexy Comic Book Character Costumes

The two big trends in Halloween costumes are comic book characters and sexy <fill-in-the-blank>  Let's combine them! Marvel 11. Howard the Duck 10. The Blob 9. Groot 8. Mojo   7. The Red Skull 6. Ghost Rider 5. Ben Grimm 4. Modok   3. Devil Dinosaur   2. Lockjaw   1. Ego, the Living Planet   DC 11. Grodd 10. King Shark   9. Killer Croc   8. Mr Mind 7. DeSaad   6. Egg Fu   5. Kilowog   4. Ace the Bathound   3.

Top 11 Sesame Street/Comic Book Mashups We Want to See

  Kids love superheroes. Kids love Sesame Street. This seems like a natural.   11. Big Bird vs Hawkman   10. D-Man and Oscar the Grouch   9. Burt and Ernie gain the powers of the Wonder Twins   8. Grant Morrison presents Danny the Sesame Street   7. John Constantine must investigate why no one can see Snufffaluffagus   6. Jim Starlin's

Top 11 Less-than-Useful Superpowers

Comic books make it seem like everyone who is born a mutant or gets hit with cosmic rays gets a wonderful superpower. However, you have to assume that for every guy with awesome spider powers, there are 10 who are not so film-worthy. Here are some of the less appealing