11 Teams Better than the Broncos

The Superbowl happened last Sunday. For my nerdier friends, the Superbowl is an annual event that represents the championship match between the top football teams in each league. For my even nerdier friends, football is an American sport that involves two 11-person teams trying to get an oblong ball to travel a specific distance into a scoring area. This is not to be confused with European football, where a bunch of guys kick a ball around while their fans get drunk and riot in the stands. But I digress.
The Superbowl occurred Sunday Feb. 2nd, where the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8. This was one of the greatest routs in Superbowl history; so much so, that I began to wonder if there were other teams that may have done a better job at footballing

11. The Jamaican bobsled team

10. The A-Team

9. Team America – the motorcycle stunt team

8. Team America – the marionette world police

7. Team Edward, but not Team Jacob Werewolves do not have prehensile thumbs, and are terrible at football

6. The Go! Team

5. Any Away Team that includes Worf

4. Seal Team 6

3. My old Team Fortress clan

2. Swedish Bikini Team

1. The cast of the 1989 film The Dream Team – You may not think much of their chances, but the cast includes a Centauri from Babylon 5, a time-travelling mad scientist, and the goddamned Batman


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