A Look at Armor Games “Give Up”

Everyone gives up in the end; this is the philosophy of Armor Games' Give Up. Give Up is a 2D-platformer in a similar vein...

Sleeping Dogs Preview

  Imagine if the  photo realism of Grand Theft Auto IV had a baby with the impish insanity of the Saints Row franchise, named the...
Wreckateer Title Screen

Review: Wreckateer

What happens when a game lives up to the hype you created for it, while simultaneously disappointing and frustrating you? Well you of course...

Creator Vs. Fans

  Where Does the Art Change Hands? by Cynthi Marie   Reading through the newest issue of Gameinformer, which I’m new to, reawakened thoughts on varies topics I’ve had...

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Overwatch League 2019: Arranged Admirably or Schedule Snafu?

Six long months it has been since the Inaugural Season of the Overwatch League came to it’s thrilling conclusion with the London Spitfire capturing history as the league’s first ever Grand Champions.

My Nerdy Valentine | An Interview With MsValentine Cosplay

Recently, I had a chance to chat with Florida-based cosplayer Ms Valentine. During our conversation, we talked about how she got into cosplaying, advice she had for aspiring cosplayers, some of her favorite con moments, and what she’s geeking out on these days.
pastel memories

Sentai Filmworks Saves Otaku Culture with “Pastel Memories”

Sentai Filmworks announced today that it acquired exclusive rights to Pastel Memories for the United States,

Getting Started With Pixel Art – 3 Fun DIY Projects

                 When people hear the word pixel art, they probably imagine the graphics from the 8-bit and 16-bit video games of yesteryear. Today, while...