First Death- A Vampire Shadower Novel

Blysster Press, First Death, Kyona Jiles, Lilith Faire, Shifters, Vampires

Author: Kyona Jiles

Publisher: Blysster Press


This novel takes place in Washington State and tells about a young girl named Kinsley Preston and how her life got turned upside down. She was a college student at the UW and just turned 21 when her parents died in a car accident. She now had to take care of her crazy aunt Marie as well as figure out what she was going to do with her life. Lucky for her though, the attractive History teacher Beckford Alexander was there to offer help. She sold her parent’s house and moved into the condo building as Beck with her best friend Rachel and Marie. But things were about to get so much weirder. She then finds out she is a Shadower, someone who is to protect shifters and good vampires, her crazy aunt lived in the 1800s, her blood was sacred and the people around her weren’t all human. She must fight her attraction to not just Beck, but to the human vampire hunter that worked with her parents, Scott Masters. She learns to fight in order to protect herself as well as the people she comes to care about, learns about the different types of shifters and as if that wasn’t bad enough, it seemed like every time things started to calm down, Isaac would cause more tension in her life.

I found that this novel was a bit slow to the start-up, even with pushing the death of her parents and the move. But after a few chapters it did pick up.

I loved this novel. Once it picked up I couldn’t put it down at all. The tension with two attractive men and the fact that Kinsley always needed to fight some bad guys was a great way to keep the story going. I also enjoyed how she had to try to prove that she didn’t need the big strong men to always protect her. It was something that I connected with and loved how I was able to grow attached to some of the characters.

If you love paranormal stories and a book that you can’t put down, then I highly suggest you pick this one up.

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Blysster Press, First Death, Kyona Jiles, Lilith Faire, Shifters, Vampires
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