Geek Mom (To-Be)

pregnant geek momFirst comes love of Star Wars, the comes Mario Kart Marriage, then comes Geek baby.

After years of geek love with the man that makes my two hearts skip a beat, I found myself married in Princess Daisy inspired attire, honeymooning at Disney World and making a little Yoshi all my own. Yes my geeky friends, I made a baby.

I have been fortunate to not have a lot of issues; no puking, cramping, spotting, acne or anything else horrific just eating, sleeping and growing a person. Now in my third trimester, I find myself obsessing about cloth diapers the way I used to obsess about cosplay and watching the latest episode of Naruto. I spend my free time pinning adorable baby things on various boards on Pinterest and doing everything I can not to get scared by all the information on the Internet.

While I will have lots of fun things to share that are much more geek related, I do have a few things I live and breath by while I level this kid up.

yoga pregnancyYoga Pregnancy – Pre and Post Natal Workouts

While I don’t do it every day, it relieves my back, leg and hip pain like you wouldn’t believe. It helps with flexibility, circulation and preparation for giving birth.



snoogleSnoogle Total Body Pillow

I have to say I wasn’t a believer at first, but I don’t know how I would have comfortably slept without it. It supports everything you need it to no matter what is comfortable for you.

bodybutterBamboobies Belly & Body Butter

Stretch marks are going to happen, but the itching and skin care can be controlled. Not only is this stuff all natural, but it goes a long way while helping Ugandan mothers make money. There is nothing worse then having an itchy belly button that won’t go away.


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