Get ready for Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 3!


Grab your goggles and ready your ray guns, the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 3 is less than a week away!

From March 7th -9th Old Tucson will host the third Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, a unique Steampunk adventure unlike any other convention experience. Not only is WWWC3 the largest Western-style Steampunk Convention in the United States, it is America’s first and ONLY Steampunk convention and festival that takes place in a western-themed town and amusement park. The famous movie studio is transformed and the Steampunk environment is fully immersive. This is more than cosplay; for three days in the Tucson desert, you can live your Steampunk adventure.


The theme this year is Land vs. Sea:

“Our town, just recovered from its time traveling last March, has a new dilemma. The mad scientist’s newest machine has terraformed the earth near Tucson creating and ocean front and speeding up the evolution of the ocean creatures! 

The denizens of the deep are rising up to threaten the land-dwelling Steampunks. The air pirates have become the privateers of the skies and the sailing ships upon the sea are in constant danger. 

This year’s theme will enhance the convention with stories and experiences, provide options for fun costuming and interaction, and will flavor many of our special events. Arrr!”


Some of those “evolved creatures,” (including a 25 foot long Sea Serpent) will find a home in the Oddland Traveling Carnival. Step right up to check out the creatures and carnies as you play Steampunk themed carnival games.  Proceeds and donations to the carnival will benefit Nathan Fillon’s charity organization, Kids Need to Read.


Some of my favorite entertainers and panelists will be returning from years previous, including Professor Elemental, Steam Powered Giraffe, Airship Isabella, and Steampunk Boba Fett.  I am also very excited to see new additions, especially Steampunk model and Fashion Designer Kato, and world renown artist Brian Kesinger.  For a more comprehensive list of entertainers, special guests, and panelists, take a peek at the home page of the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention II website:


Wild Wild West Convention III has a diverse and expansive array of panels geared for Steampunk beginners to experienced engineers. Learn how to avoid a shameful Splodge in “A Brief Introduction to the Honourable Sport of Tea Deuling,” hosted by Jocelynne Weathers “Madam Askew,” The Grand Aribiter Glenn Shambach, and Jenn “Hawkeye” Lopez. (I had a great time with these folks last year!) Interested in the historical side of steampunk? Investigate the “Darker Side of Steampunk” with Sarah Hunter “Lady Clankington” and Lady Ember Brennan Sparks. Intrigued by Steampunk technology? Look into Thomas Willeford’s panel “Amphibious Vehicles, Submarines, and Velocipedes: Strange but True Science.” From the practical and fashion forward (“Mustache and Beard Tips and Tricks for Gentlemen,” “Styling Wigs 101) to the silly (“Moog and the Professor,” “Villains vs Law”) there are so many options for panels this year, I can only hope that good folks from AZ Tardis (“Doctor Who meets Steampunk”) bring a functional time machine so that I can visit them all!  Pick your panels and events by downloading the newly released Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention III Schedule here:

Kato, Old Tucson, Steam Powered Giraffe, steampunk, wild wild west con, WWWC3
Brian Kesinger created the art that appears on the cover and inside the program guide, as well as on the passes and other places throughout Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 3.


While some events are already sold out, tickets can still be purchased here:


I am so excited to be returning to Old Tucson for Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 3 this year! Since the first year, this convention has expanded and become better, truly a labor of love by volunteer event organizers.  For more details, go to, or check out  GNN’s coverage last year of Wild Wild West Convention 2:

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Kato, Old Tucson, Steam Powered Giraffe, steampunk, wild wild west con, WWWC3

Like Dorothy Gale, Christin Pike is neither a good witch nor a bad witch. She loves alliteration and is interested in Science, Superstition, Star Wars, Steampunk, Scifi, Fantasy, Folklore, and Fairy Tales. She graduated from ASU and currently pokes eyeballs for a living as an licensed dispensing Optician.

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