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There is nothing this girl loves more than a great shirt, especially one that is comfy, colorful and geeky. let us start St. Patrick’s Day with some 8-bit awesomeness. Since I am a nerd in love, I thought it would be adorable to match with my fiancé. I decided to paired the +1 To Luck Clover shirt with some great jeans, dark brown boots and a cute light brown sweater (also with some cute jewelry). He did his usual and wore khaki cargo pants with the bright green, 8-bit beer mug paired with his alienware baseball cap and Zelda hoodie.

We took these shirts for a test spin around Phoenix. There wasn’t a place we went that Saturday where someone didn’t say “cute/cool shirt”. Bookmans in Mesa, Goodwill at Rural and Guadalupe, even when we went to Lux Central people all loved our shirts asking where they too could get them.

A great way to get a nerd into the holiday spirit, is to make items that they will love. not only did an amazing job of making a holiday nerdy, but also made them incredibly soft and comfortable in a great fit. I look forward to more wonderful designs and adding them to my collection.

Please go like their Facebook page HERE as well for letting us do this awesome promo!

If you are looking to purchase these designs, you can find them at the following links: 8-bit Beer Mug & Clover+1

Enter up to 3 times for a chance at winning one of these shirts as we are doing a giveaway promo courtesy of! You can enter the contest here:

A Geek News Network Giveaway


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