Liui Aquino Attending Saboten Con 2015!


New and rising cosplayer Liui Aquino was announced earlier today as a guest at Saboten Con 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona! Liui is a model, part-time cable TV actor, and cosplayer in Manila Philippines. He started cosplaying in 2011. Liui considers anime and CGI as his specialty in cosplay. He gained plenty of popularity when the photos of his Hiccup cosplay from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ went viral on the internet. Liui makes his own costumes, does his own hair and makeup, and also does his own photo shoots and editing with some help from his family. With his recent spotlight he was able to quit his job and make cosplay his career. Liui has now been receiving plenty of international invitations to conventions to meet his fans and share his work. It is a huge opportunity and we can’t wait to meet Liui and see his fine work in person!

“Way back when I was starting, my simple goal why I do this is to have epic costumes and photos only, and… to showcase my ARTISTIC side while having fun, and/or maybe, to be known as one of the Philippines finest cosplayers. But, God is so good and kind to me that I reached my dream already. I am so lucky now, I am very known in the Philippines and the whole South East Asia. Plus the whole world also recognized me in cosplay community. And now, my goal evolved. I want to travel all parts of the world, represent my country, establish a good name in the cosplay community, meet more amazing people, promote cosplay as fun and great hobby, to become a legend and….. and most of all… to inspire everyone.” -Liui Aquino

You can meet Liui Aquino and other guests at Saboten Con in Phoenix, Arizona at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Phoenix September 4th through September 7th. Tickets are on sale now. Hope to see you there!

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Facebook Cosplay Page: Liui Aquino


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