“Made in Phoenix” Demo Night at Game CoLab

Attendees at Game CoLab's demo night
Attendees at Game CoLab’s demo night

Hidden deep within the heart of downtown Phoenix lurks a cabal of mad thinkers, plotting to take over the world… of gaming. Their sinister plot was revealed on June 29th, when the Game CoLab hosted its first indie demo night. In the warehouse space that doubles as their secret lair, several designers demonstrated the games that they have been working on.

The evening had the feel of a warehouse party, with food, drinks, and live music by Adventureface. Of course, there was gaming everywhere you looked. People were lined up to play on the several stand-up arcade machines throughout the room. A large screen TV and comfy couch were set up in the corner for console gaming. In front of the DJ, a board game was being demonstrated by its creator to anyone who wished to learn. The heart of the party were the tables set up for the designers to show off their hard work.
Some of the games on display:

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Zombie Squash: Featuring the voice of George Romero, this is a cute tablet game about a courageous bunny defending the world from the deadly zombie squash onslaught.  Check it out at www.zombiesquash.com
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Protein Pirates: Play a parasite deep within the human body, trying to leach proteins while avoiding acid and anti-bodies.  See the developer’s site at https://www.facebook.com/AbstraktGames
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Aztez: This is a combination of turn-based strategy and realtime combat in which you must defend and expand the Aztec empire.  Get more info at http://aztez.com/

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Offspring Fling: This is a puzzle game that involves a mother who must make her way through a forest by flinging her children to overcome obstacles.  Find out more at http://www.offspringfling.com/
Phoenix Demo Night at Game CoLab
Phoenix Demo Night at Game CoLab
For more info on Game CoLab and future events, check out their website. http://www.gamecolab.org/

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