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Kuala Lumpur — Come the first weekend of November, Malaysians will get to indulge themselves in an all-you-can-play buffet of fun at Malaysia Games Convention (MaGaCon) 2012. MaGaCon is Malaysia’s largest games convention that combines the best of both digital and analog worlds.

“Our mission is to give attendees the most fun weekend of their lives,” said Chang Yee Fong, the founder of MaGaCon. Chang, a devoted husband and father of two, has been a gaming enthusiast for 25 years.

“Come visit us, and you’ll be treated to a buffet of hundreds of games from around the world. Boardgames, cardgames, multiplayer PC games, Playstation 3, Xbox Kinect, miniature wargaming – MaGaCon has something for everyone,” he said.

Unlike traditional exhibitions and fairs, MaGaCon is a “true convention”, which means that most of the venue is filled with activity areas, instead of show booths.

“Imagine a modern-day funfair. The event is less like PC Fair and more like a day at Sunway Lagoon, with many ‘rides’ to play with,” Chang explained.

For those interested in cosplay, MaGaCon will be hosting Live Action Role Playing (LARP) campaigns, where participants can roleplay live in an adventure story as their chosen cosplay character.

Among the tournaments to be held during MaGaCon is the grand finals for the “Malaysia 7 Wonders Tournament 2012”, with over RM2,500 cash prizes up for grabs. Also, wargaming hobbyists who are up for an endurance challenge can test their mettle in a 24-hour Iron Painter competition at the event.

In addition, MaGaCon will feature Quest Cards, where attendees can undertake fun “quests” or missions and be rewarded for successful completion – just like in virtual games itself. According to Chang, attendees do not even need to know how to play games. MaGaCon has trained staff who will guide first-timers.

“You don’t have to be a gamer to have fun at MaGaCon. If you’ve never been to a games convention, this is the most friendly place ever to see what ‘gaming culture’ is and experience it for yourself,” he said.

“For gamers, MaGaCon is a great place to come together with friends or even strangers to celebrate a shared love for games in one massive weekend party,” Chang said.

For an event with so much to do, tickets are surprisingly inexpensive at only RM60 for a full two-day pass. A one-day pass costs RM40. Similar game conventions held overseas, such as the popular Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and Comic-Con, cost around RM200-RM300 for two days.

“We want to give a complete game convention experience, but we also want to make it affordable,” said Chang. “To show our appreciation for MaGaCon’s supporters, we have an early bird sale. Up until the end of October, tickets can be purchased at half price (RM30) for the full two-day pass.”

According to Chang, a game convention like MaGaCon is significantly more expensive to organise than an average exhibition. “As the focus is in getting everyone to actively play games, a lot more investment goes into getting the gaming consoles, PCs, tables and even chairs. You have to make sure that people have enough space to comfortably play for hours, so you’ll also need a sizable venue.”

From November 3rd to 4th, MaGaCon 2012 will be taking up the entire G2 level of Publika Shopping Gallery, an artistic mall located at Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

 Live Action Role Playing (LARP)

Saturday Introductory Session 1:00PM
Saturday Adventure Session 3:30PM
Sunday Adventure Session 2:00PM 

7 Wonders Tournament Finals
Sunday 2:30PM – 6:30PM 

Vanguard 32 pax Mini Tournament
Saturday – 1PM Tournament Onsite registration
Sunday – 1PM Tournament Onsite Registration 

WOW TCG 16 pax Tournament
Saturday Constructed Tournament Starts 2pm
Sunday Draft Constructed Tournament Starts 2pm 

24-hour Iron Painter
Begins Saturday 10:00am
Ends Sunday 10:00am
Public Judging time Period 11:00am – 4:00pm 

24 Hour Overnight Analog Gaming Room
Begins 11am Saturday
Ends 6pm Sunday 

Free Miniature Painting Demo Tables
Saturday 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm 

Nuffnang MaGaCon Challenge
Sunday 1:30PM – 7:00pm 

MaGaCon Lucky Draw
1st session 1pm
2nd Session 7pm 

Soul Caliber Tournament

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom Tournament

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