Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn — Part V

343 industries, forward unto dawn, halo 4, Microsoft Game Studios, webseries


Halo: Forward Unto  Dawn has come to a satisfying close.

I had some trepidation during the earlier installments of this web series.  A few of the earlier episodes were clumsy and uneven, but hinted at great potential.

The final two episodes have really pulled it into focus.

The story arch is still somewhat clichéd, but we’ve been through so much with these characters that it’s forgivable at this point.  [Spoilers]: the well-timed death of the love interest added a depth to some of the action sequences, even it was a very predictable plot development.

The special effects were pretty solid, but not perfect.  They were still head and shoulders above most YouTube videos.  A few of the scenes with the Hunter were great, but others were weak.  I liked the way they gave the Hunter more personality than they’ve ever had in the games.

As series, the biggest weakness was that it was set up as more of a single film than episodes, but now that you can watch it in one sitting, this is greatly mitigated.  Also, the story’s not very original, but sucks you in in spite of itself.  It’s very competent and fun to watch.

It’s nice to see a live-action Halo series with funding and a lot of heart.


See the final episode below:

343 industries, forward unto dawn, halo 4, Microsoft Game Studios, webseries
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