This morning, in what was probably a surprise to someone, somewhere, Hideo Kojima announced that The Phantom Pain — originally debuted at last year’s Spike’s VGA Awards — is in fact Metal Gear Solid V. This has been the overriding rumor since the game’s original trailer, but now we have it officially from the series’ creator himself.


The above trailer is the original VGA trailer. The next one is the announcement.


Well, we have truly entered the uncanny valley with that trailer.

Of note for fans of the series is the lack of participation from David Hayter, the voice of Snake throughout the series long run.

What are your thoughts on this return to Metal Gear Solid? Will the change in voice actor change your opinion of the game? Is this simply just another Hideo Kojima styled misdirect?

We’ll bring you more details on the game as we hear them.

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