Nintendo’s Plans for a Real-Life Pokedex?


Pokémon fans, rejoice! Childhood dreams are becoming a true reality – Nintendo is making a real-life Pokedex!

Hardcore Pokémon fans have been known to collect all the side merchandise – Pokedex encyclopedia books, toy Pokedexes with games and a basic Pokémon look-up system, and smartphone apps galore have been created. But Nintendo’s new invention takes this to an entirely new level.

Gamnesia recently published an article that The Pokémon Company and their spin-off company, Ambrella, have filed patents for a device that scans NFC devices (such as smartphones and other mobile platforms) to store and catalogue information. This will allow the machine to work with NFC figures and smart cards. Though the patent doesn’t actually specify what kind of data the device would take in and use, nor is there any mention of Pokémon specifically, the design images include real-world animals and game-like stats associated with them.

The patent only just came out today, so details remain foggy. Hopefully soon we’ll learn about how to truly become a real-life Pokémon master with this new gadget!

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

patent_image_3__large patent_image_6__largepatent_image__large

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