Price Increases Hit Disneyland


Price increases hit early this year for 1 day tickets and annual passports for Disneyland. Prices on 1 day tickets have gone up 5-7 percent, but annual passes got hit with a much higher rate of 15-20 percent. Below is a list of the old prices and the new prices. You can also check out the prices on the Disneyland App or at Disneyland’s website.

1 Day, 1 Park VALUE$97$104
1 Day Park Hopper VALUE$147$154
1 Day, 1 Park REGULAR$117$129
1 Day Park Hopper REGULAR$167$179
1 Day, 1 Park PEAK$135$149
1 Day Park Hopper PEAK$185$199
2 Days, 1 Park/Day$210$225
2 Days Park Hopper$260$280
3 Days, 1 Park/Day$280$300
3 Days Park Hopper$330$355
4 Days, 1 Park/Day$305$325
4 Days Park Hopper$355$380
5 Days, 1 Park/Day$320$340
5 Days Park Hopper$370$395
Annual PassOldNew
Signature Plus$1149$1399

Parking Price Increase

Parking prices also increased from $20 to $25 for daily parking at the parks garages. Downtown Disney parking also increases from $12 an hour to $14 an hour with a $56 maximum. The validation rules remain the same for Downtown Disney parking.


Max Pass Price Increase

Max Pass has also increased in price. It jumped from $10 per day to $15 per day. It also increased for annual passes from $75 to $100 to add max pass on.

Disney is most likely going to continue to raise prices every year, maybe even more this year with the additions of Galaxy’s Edge this summer, and Marvel Land opening sometime in 2020. Do you think this will create more crowd control? Tell us what your thoughts are on the price increases. See you real soon Mouseketeers!

Talyah is a Cosplayer/ Seamstress, artist, blogger, and avid Disney fan.

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