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Recently, the Books section of GNN has begun a series– well, not so much as a series but a short segment called the Rising Writers. What does it contain? Interviews from only the most honorary geeks in the publishing world. Sci-fi. Holmsian pastiches. Absurdists. When looking for a new author to read that’s sure to please the nerdy masses, this is the place to look.

This edition’s feature? Accomplished writer and science-fiction extraordinaire R. M. Meluch has recently given me the pleasure of interviewing her through emails. She has more than twelve books under her belt, including but not limited to The Myriad, Wolf Star, and Chicago Red. In her interview, we discuss her writing role models and aspirations as well as future plans in the writing business.

A: For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with your work, give us a quick bio about yourself.
RM: I am the author of 12 science fiction novels and several other novels published under aliases. In this millennium I’ve turned from world building to military science fiction in the Tour of the Merrimack series. This is my day job.
A: Science-fiction seems to be your motif (correct me if I’m wrong). What brought you into the genre?
RM: It’s all Jules Verne’s, Robert Heinlein’s, and Frank Herbert’s fault. And Gene Roddenberry’s.
A: What’s the world you’re most proud to have created?
RM: That has to be the Tour of the Merrimack series.  Patrick O’Brian’s sea stories had an influence there. A lot of Captain Aubrey in Captain John Farragut. Yes, I put swords on a space battleship.
A:Everyone has their odd writing tics or peeves. What are yours?
RM: Oooooh. If anyone calls a meeting, I’m outta there. Especially if they’re drinking tea.
A:If not a writer, what would you be– no limits barred?
RM: Movie director. Pilot. Naturalist.
A: As far as upcoming novels go, what are you working on right now?
RM: I just had a novella come out, “Dagger Team Seven” in Kevin Anderson’s Five by Five 2: No Surrender anthology. Coming up, Book 6 in the Tour of the Merrimack is catastrophically overdue. I had a life interruption. My husband died. I went crazy. Sold/gave away everything except the wolf and the Honda. Drove to Mexico. Bought a casa. A fan found me there. Love. Marriage. (My publisher read us our vows.) Living happily ever after in planet New York. Writing my brains out to finish Book 6.
A: How does science-fiction compare from writing in other genres?
RM: SF is wide open. It includes Fahrenheit 451, Handmaid’s Tale, Planet of Death, Frankenstein, Buck Rogers, Andromeda Strain, and Disc World. There really are no limits.

A: If you could impart one piece of wisdom upon our viewers, what would that be?
RM: Oh no no no. Presumes I have wisdom to part with. I guess I can pass on the best advice I ever got: You gotta lighten up, kid.
A: And lastly… what is your favorite color?

RM: Octarine of course. (Terry Pratchett’s Colour of Magic.)

Be sure to check out Book Six in the Tour of the Merrimack series if you’d like to see more of RM Meluch’s writing and stay tuned for future installments in our Rising Writers segment!


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