Rolling the Dice – It Begins!


Hello everyone! My name is Cat, and I’ve started this new blog of mine called Rolling the Dice, designed to help you all navigate through the strange and often confusing world of tabletop gaming!

Now, I’m sure the first thing that pops into your head when I say tabletop gaming are games like Dungeons and Dragons, or other such RPG turn based games. And yes, you’re completely right. D&D, and those like it, are considered to be tabletop games, and they will be covered in this column from time to time when I get a chance to play them. For the most part however, I will be covering other games, such as card games or board games, that are often overlooked in the geek scene despite how much fun they are to play.


I hope to be posting a new review of a game every other week, as my friends and I love to try out new and exciting ones. So, if you want to learn about games that perhaps you’ve heard of before, but haven’t had the chance to play, or are just curious about what kind of games could be fun, come on over and check out what I have to say!

Looking forward to sharing with you in the future!

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