One World, Two Cups | Cuphead Review

StudioMDHR decided to make their game development dreams a reality back in 2000 when they started work on a game inspired by 1930s era animation, but soon found the tools of development lacking. After the rise of indie game popularity, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, founders of the studio, decided to give the project another shot. The two brothers had been connoisseurs of old cartoons since their childhood, and set out to create an experience similar

THIS IS NOT A DRILL | RICK & MORTY Season 3 Premiering on Adult Swim Website

rick and morty season 3

THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Rick and Morty is NOW AIRING it’s premiere episode on! The new season will air this summer but the first episode is currently streaming on their website. And it couldn't have been on a more appropriate day than April Fools. After much anticipation from teasers, behind the scenes and even Rickrolling us fans, Adult Swim decided to air their new episode without much warning or promotion. Nathan Fillion guest stars in this episode

A Story with Two Tales: Broken Age Act 1 (Review)

3.3 million dollars and over 87 thousand backers; this is the legacy of Broken Age (formerly Double Fine Adventure), which started the entire Kickstarter game movement. Nearly two years have gone by since the Kickstarter campaign ended, and with that we have the backer release of Act 1 of Broken Age. The question now is was it worth it for those of us that backed, and is it worth it for those of you waiting

Noein: Anime for Quantum Physics Nerds Everywhere

Director: Kazuki Akane, Kenji Yasuda Studio: Statelight Date: 10/12/2005- 5/29/2006 Category of subject matter: Adventure, Romance, Science-Fiction Plot summary: La'cryma and Shangri-La are both parallel universes that are possible outcomes for the future of our world in 15 years. There is a war between the two of them, as Shangri-La intends to destroy all of time and space. The "Dragon Torc" is the only thing that can stop Shangri-La, so La’cryma's "Dragon Force", their top military force, is sent to