The Equalizer 2 | Movie Review

The Equalizer 2 (EQ2) sees the return of essentially everyone creatively involved in the original film, even marking the first sequel Denzel Washington has ever done. While many sequels fall victim to being too similar to the original, The Equalizer 2 tries to expand upon the original with a bigger story that offers a broader scope than the first film. Unfortunately, the creative team stumbles along the way, giving audiences a fraction of the fun

Roman J. Israel, Esq. | Movie Review

Denzel Washington is a talented actor by any meaningful metric. Most of his films are both entertaining and critically well-received. However, almost every character he plays feels like a variant of the same person. Despite the fact that Washington has only ever done one sequel (The Equalizer 2, which is currently filming), many of his characters feel like slightly different shades of one another. That’s not to say these characters aren’t enjoyable or entertaining to


I have been a lover of westerns for as long as I can remember. My father shaped many of the movie tastes that I have, as that was a shared activity for our family. I watched John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and their brethren as they rode their ways through the celluloid frontier. In 1985, when Silverado was released, a new era of westerns came in, gaining popularity, as well as critical acclaim. There are certain parts

“The Equalizer” Movie Review

The Equalizer is a film by Antoine Fuqua. Denzel Washington and Fuqua have worked together in the past. You may have seen Training Day, which was probably good or bad depending on who you talked to. The Equalizer may have Fuqua's visual skills all over it, but it feels more like one of Washington's most iconic films, Man on Fire. That's not to say The Equalizer is of the same caliber film as Man on

“2 Guns” Movie Review

“Buddy team-up” films have been around for some time now. The pairing of two characters of opposite personalities might seem like a recipe for disaster in real life, but in film it’s more of a formula for a fun back-and-forth type of relationship. Some films like Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 21 Jump Street, and The Heat are able to use the genre in incredibly entertaining ways. Other films such as Hollywood Homicide, Righteous

“FLIGHT” Review

I was excited for Robert Zemeckis’ return to live action movies and Flight didn’t disappoint. It’s not that I didn’t like his animated works, it’s just that I like when directors try to challenge themselves and bring you something different every time. Having said that, Flight is not an extremely original movie. The issues tackled in this have been dealt with before in movies like Leaving Las Vegas. Where Flight excels is in its eccentric

A Look at Robert Zemeckis’ “FLIGHT”

  NEW YORK (AP) — You might think that Robert Zemeckis, having devoted himself to motion-capture animation for the last 12 years, would be thrilled to return to the unpredictability of live-action filmmaking — those moments of serendipity when the elements align for something surprising. You would be wrong. "In my whole career I can count it on one hand," says the director, recalling headaches like having to cart in snow while shooting in Moscow and painting fall foliage in October