Den of Thieves | Movie Review

Who do you root for when the good guys aren’t that good, and the bad guys have better family lives? Den of Thieves explores that question fairly well while weaving a cat and mouse tale of two gangs of highly armed, highly motivated, and highly skilled men against each other, as their leaders match wits to see who is the better master of their element. The film opens with a tactically executed armored car heist,

Giveaway | Den of Thieves Screening Passes [Arizona]

den of thieves

WHAT:  In anticipation of the upcoming film DEN OF THIEVES, STX Films will be screening the film in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, Jan 16th at Harkins Arizona Mills. Den of Thieves is an action-packed heist movie, starring Gerard Butler, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, O’Shea Jackson Jr, and Pablo Schreiber. Just follow the Giveaway Link below to enter the sweepstakes. STX Films will choose and notify winners on Saturday, 1/13. WHEN:  Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 7:00PM WHERE:  Harkins Arizona

Geostorm | Movie Review

If you’ve heard anything about Geostorm, you’ve probably compared it to The Day After Tomorrow or the countless other disaster movies that Hollywood seems intent on shoveling out every other year. What started with genuinely entertaining films such as Twister, Armageddon and even Deep Impact, has devolved into special effects spectacles that offer little in the way of substance or entertainment for anyone over the age of 10. The latest special effects event film about


london has fallen

Sequels tend to have a hard time living up to the original film in a series. It’s rare to find a sequel that people believe is superior to the original film, but London Has Fallen is exactly that. The new film takes everything you loved about Olympus Has Fallen and ramps it up a notch, with an extra dose of humor that mixes well with the intense action on display. It’s not a perfect film, but

GODS OF EGYPT | Movie Review

The movie making process can be long and sometimes arduous. There are a good number of movie executives who simply don’t know what the movie-going public wants, then there are times when the budget of a movie determines what decisions are made throughout the development process. Gods of Egypt feels like a movie that had some trouble during development, or at the very least had too many hands involved in the writing process. To be

“Olympus Has Fallen” Movie Review

I miss the days of Independence Day and Air Force One when presidents fought their own battles. Even though Bill Pullman was kind of a dweeb he still said “you know what? Give me my helmet because I’m about to make a badass speech to a bunch of hillbillies who have no business flying billion dollar planes, but love their planet so much that they are going to take to the skies to kick E.T.’s

“Playing For Keeps” Review

Why should you go see this movie? Gerard Butler. Do you need more of a reason to go see this, perhaps because you're a dude and your girlfriend is begging you to take her? Well, okay, here are 3 reasons: Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. One of them may or may not have a scantily clad scene. Not saying for sure, and not saying which one, but in another movie you've gotten very intimate with