One World, Two Cups | Cuphead Review

StudioMDHR decided to make their game development dreams a reality back in 2000 when they started work on a game inspired by 1930s era animation, but soon found the tools of development lacking. After the rise of indie game popularity, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, founders of the studio, decided to give the project another shot. The two brothers had been connoisseurs of old cartoons since their childhood, and set out to create an experience similar

PAX West 2017 | Just Shapes & Beats Hands On Impressions

Most would argue that a clever name is a key to grab attention and a clever hook is paramount to keeping it. The developers at Berserk Studio, based in Quebec City, took both of these lessons to heart, decided to expand on a project conceived as part of a 48-hour game jam, and a potential classic was born. Just Shapes & Beats is simultaneously a description for what this standout indie title looks like while

Inside | Game Review

  Inside is the highly anticipated second game from independent, Copenhagen-based game studio, Playdead. Inside seems not only reminiscent of the studio’s first game, Limbo, but almost reimagined and revamped in terms of style and gameplay. Something that fans of Playdead will be fond of. My first hands-on impression of Inside is that although it is a 2D platformer at its core, what stands out the most is the beautiful yet dark art direction, fluid controls, and overall tone

Cartoony Chaos | SGW:Stellar Climax Review

At its core, Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is a fun, chaotic time-sink. In this arcade shooter, players take control of various mechs equipped with unique abilities and an array of weapons to choose from. Each level is comprised of three stages, with the simple goal of reaching the end without dying and taking out as many enemy ships as you can along the way. Stellar Climax is not a complex game but its depth

DOPE | Movie Review

Every decade has its cheerleader.  The older generations would contend the fifties were a golden era for bliss while others would site the cultural revolution of the sixties and seventies were a pinnacle of spiritual and emotional awakening.  I'm particular to the eighties myself.  It was a time when music began to merge with digital technology and science and fantasy danced on the big screen in new and exciting ways.  Whichever decade you prefer, it's the music that

Top Ten Obscure Horror Games

When it comes to horror games, there are a few titles we have all heard of. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and Dead Space, have revolutionized the genre, and have changed over the years. But, for horror game junkies, a few titles have flown under the radar, and have been a terrifying ride. But these are all rather well-known. When coming up in conversation, most people will often bring up Resident Evil or Silent

Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “Animated Shorts”

Animated Shorts Cartoons! Who doesn't love them? I do, so I went and saw this collection, which proved to have a wide mix of fantastic and … not so fantastic short films. The Illusion Little, weird-looking, stick-like men, and unintelligible dialog don't diminish the message behind this short. Cute and with a point to get across, I wasn't disappointed with the first short in this group. Estefan One of the funniest of the group, Estefan is the world's greatest hairdresser

Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “Arizona Shorts”

  Arizona Shorts Being an Arizona native, of course I had to go see this collection of short films from Arizona filmmakers. I wasn't let down! Penelope Fortesque: Romance Novelist On a blind date, a man wonders what's wrong with the girl he's been set up with, as she begins to narrate their evening as they go. Wonderfully funny, this was a fantastic start to these local films. Long Way Taking a turn for the depressing, two boys get forgotten at

Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “College Shorts”

  College Shorts Never having seen short films before, I had no idea what I'd gotten myself into with this selection. Luckily, I was very, very, happily surprised. Ultramarine While the intent was there, I wasn't too impressed. A depressed teen finds a friend, but as his depression worsens, he considers the unthinkable. The ending was a let-down, both in it's quickness and it's predictability. I think it could be better if it were reworked some. 'Til Death (College Short) A

Phoenix Film Festival 2014 “Sci-Fi Shorts A”

  Sci-Fi Shorts A I have loved Science Fiction since I was little, so I was stoked to start off my journey at the 2014 Phoenix Film Festival with some Sci-Fi Shorts! Library The only animated short in this group, Library starts off with what, to many, would be one of the worst nightmares: An entire library filled with burning books, destroyed in the name of power, watched over by ravens, cawing at the loss. Sometime later, we see that the