GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 12

It’s good to be a villain! This week's GNN Weekly Wrap Up takes our hosts to the side of anti-heroes as Stich, Tia, and Chris discuss news about DC Comics, Suicide Squad, and Injustice. The crew gets into discussion about new developments in the Beauty and the Beast world both

Top 11 Villains Too Powerful for the Doctor

During his nearly 50 years of travelling through time and space, Doctor Who has encountered all manner of frightening creatures, but there are some things out there that are just too terrifying, even for a Timelord. 11. Dahlinks - Distant cousins of the Daleks, except these all smoke and speak with

A Complete Batman Villains Chart!!

What you are looking at is the most comprehensive chart listing every major and minor villain in the Batman universe to date. It is separated by 7 core attributes: Plants & Animals, Physical & Metaphysical, Land of Make-Believe, Titles, Inanimate Objects, Professions, and Intangibles &Abstractions. And each of these core attributes