Top 11 Cross-Gendered Remakes


A few weeks ago, it was announced that an all-female reboot of Ghostbusters was going into production. The internet outcry was enormous, and it was decided to also go into production on an all-male Ghostbusters reboot as well, because women have been dominating the film industry for far too long. Here are eleven more planned reboots with the genders swapped, to show the other side of complicated gender politics

  1. To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar – Three male impersonators drive across country to attend a competition in Hollywood, and are shocked not to experience discrimination in middle America

  2. Bridesmaids – The wacky antics of a group of friends who come together to celebrate their buddy’s wedding. This film will prove once and for all that guys can be just as gross and raunchy as women can!

  3. Charlie’s Angels – The movie that will dispel the rumor that guys can’t kick ass! Three male friends support one another and fight crime at the behest of a mysterious benefactor named “Charlie” (voiced by Kathleen Turner)

  4. Steel Magnolias – The title is not symbolic, but literal, as a group of southern gentlemen must duel to the death using nothing but metallic floral arrangements

  5. Victor Victoria – In this meta-remake, an aspiring actor dresses up as a woman to audition for the Broadway version of Victor Victor, to become the first man to play a woman disguised as a man who dresses up as a woman

  6. Yentl – A young man must disguise himself as a woman to join a prestigious order of Jewish nuns

  7. White Chicks – Queen Latifa and Jada Pinkett-Smith are two disgraced FBI agents who must go undercover as a pair of white heiresses

  8. Boys Don’t Cry – A young man adopts the identity of a different young man to make his way in a small Nebraska town

  9. Tootsie – An actress dresses up as a man to infiltrate the male-dominated world of soap operas

  10. GI Jane – A male soldier must push his mind and body to the limit to become the first man to join an elite Navy special forces unit

  11. The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants – A group of men bond with one another after they all catch crabs from wearing the same pair of filthy pants

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