Top 11 Things Not to Say While Watching Blade Runner


I attended the AZ Cult Classics screening of Blade Runner last week. This film is a science fiction classic, and if you have not seen it, you should be ashamed of yourself. You should be even more ashamed of yourself if any of these words come out of your talk-hole while watching it.


11. “I thought this was the movie where Wesley Snipes kills vampires and doesn’t pay taxes”.


10. “Oh, so that’s why Adama hates robots so much!”.


9. “She would have made a great Catwoman!”.


8. “Heh, the guy that wrote the book is named ‘Dick'”.


7. “Why don’t they use blades? Shouldn’t they be called Gun Runners?”.


6. “Where are the electric sheep? I was promised electric sheep!”.


5. “Ridley always lived in the shadow of his more talented brother. I wonder whatever happened to that guy?”.


4. “I liked it better when they called the replicant Skin Jobs”.


3. “If I had wanted to see unicorns, I wouldn’t have blown off my Bronie meet-up this evening”.


2. “No time for love, Mr. Dekker!”.


1. Recite Harrison Ford’s voiceover parts from the theatrical cut.


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