Top 11 Worst Horror Movie Sequels



Successful horror films are notorious for milking their potential franchise of every last penny by releasing a constant stream of sequels before they release the inevitable reboot. Most of them are pretty bad, but some were so awful that they never saw the light of day.

11. Friday the 13th part XI – Jason Waited Until the Last Minute to Do His Taxes

10. Leprechaun 5 – Leprechaun appears on Hoarders

9. Christine 2: DMV of the Damned

8. The Seventh Sense

7. Godzilla vs the Internet Troll

6. Pumpkinhead 3.14159

5. Aliens vs Predators vs the Harlem Globetrotters

4. Birthday of the Dead

3. Windows 8

2. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash vs Licensing Rights

1. Twilight: Breaking Bad


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