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GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 6

GNN Podcast

The GNN Podcast is back with episode 6 of the Weekly Wrap Up! Stitch, Tia, and Chris come back after a holiday break to bring you the latest and greatest in movie news. They discuss the recent changes affecting YouTube, as well as recent tech blunders both in space and

International Day at CinemaCon 2016


Day One of CinemaCon 2016 was off to a bang as they kicked off their the day with their International presentations and awards ceremony. During the early morning presentation several sponsor companies such as DTS International, Warner Brothers Distribution and Cineapolis International spoke about the record-breaking 2015 year throughout the global

Top 11 Movies Made Better with Dinosaurs

Hollywood loves two things: dinosaurs, and remaking movies....   11. Over the Triceratop   10. The Fast and the Ravenous   9. Yesterdayland   8. How Stella Got Her Tail Spikes Back.   7. Avengers: Age of Sauron   6. The Man with Two Brains in His Butt.   5. Gone with the Wind (and the Cataclysmic Meteor Strike)   4. Wayne's Jurassic World.   3. Ernest Goes

Top 11 Cross-Gendered Remakes

A few weeks ago, it was announced that an all-female reboot of Ghostbusters was going into production. The internet outcry was enormous, and it was decided to also go into production on an all-male Ghostbusters reboot as well, because women have been dominating the film industry for far too long.

11 Summer Movie Haiku

Summer will end soon The good movies will dry up Time for some haiku   11. Miller's Follow Up To his hit film Sin City Is the same movie   10. A tree, a raccoon, Two green people, and Chris Pratt Are box office gold   9. Michael Bay reboot Of classic TMNT Makes them look like Shreks   8. King of the Monsters Godzilla

Top 11 Shark Week Movies

Shark week begins next week; I really hope they replace their normal slate of boring documentaries with a few of these feature films...     11. I Know Where You Swam Last Summer   10. James Bond in Sharktopussy   9. About A Buoy   8. Sharks on a Plane   7. The Girl Got Her Dragon Tattoo Chewed Off   6. 23

Top 11 Movie Mashups

With the glut of vacations, barbecues, and other summertime activities, who has time to see all of the blockbuster summer movies? I've hit upon a simple solution: I watch two movies at once. 11. George Romero and Tyler Perry's Diary of the Dead Mad Black Woman 10. Wrath of Con