Top 11 Lessons Learned from Watching Movies


I just finished reading “Silver Screen Fiend” by Patton Oswalt, which details the lessons that he learned from years of being a movie junkie. Well, I’ve seen a lot of movies, too, and here are some of the lessons that I have learned…


11. Pulp Fiction – Never hide anything in your ass.


10. Star Wars – Family may betray you, but your navigator is loyal forever, even if he doesn’t get a medal.


9. Wrath of Khan – Follow all appropriate safety precautions before handling anti-matter.


8. Buckaroo Banzai – You will never learn what the watermelon is for, so don’t even ask.


7. Escape from New York – If you run into someone that you thought was dead, keep your mouth shut.


6. Nightmare on Elm Street – Meth, not even once…. unless your dreams are haunted by the son of a thousand maniacs.


5. The Lord of the Rings trilogy – Buying a segueway doesn’t seem so ridiculous anymore/


4. They Live – Right wing politics and mullets never go out of style.


3. King Kong – If you must fall in love, do not fall for someone beautiful. No one ever accused ugly of killing the beast.


2. The James Bond films – Drinking and womanizing are ok if you do it in a tux.


1. Field of Dreams – Baseball and necromancy go hand-in-hand.


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