Free Items You Can Get at Disneyland

In my last article about saving money in Disneyland, I mentioned that you can pick up some free items. So let’s find out what these items are and where to get them!


1. Free Buttons

Whether you are celebrating a birthday or you just got married, Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure has a button for your celebration! These are free you just have to ask a cast member at Town Hall or around the park! You can choose from a first visit button, birthday button, just married button, anniversary button, and celebrating button. They are a lot of fun to collect and are totally free.


2. Free Stickers

Sometimes cast members will have some Mickey Mouse stickers available for your little ones. Most of the cast and crew will have these stickers and will pass them out when they see a child having a hard time or helping around the park. It’s cute, but you can always ask if they have stickers available too.

3. Free food samples

Ghirardelli chocolate factory at the Pacific Wharf in Disney’s California Adventure gives you a free chocolate square whenever you walk in. Also, the Boudin Bread Factory Tour will give you a free sample of sourdough bread baked right there.  It is a delicious way to spend your day and get a little snack or treat for the kids.


4. Free drawing lesson

In the art animation studio in Disney’s California Adventure you can learn to draw some Disney characters. It is a great spot to sit and relax and the kids will have a blast learning to draw their favorite Disney characters. It is also in a nice air-conditioned room which is a lifesaver during those hot days.


5. Free Mardis Gras Beads

If you watch the jazz band perform in New Orleans Square at Disneyland you can sometimes catch a set of the Mardi Gras beads they throw out into the crowd! They are also really fun and talented bunch so just stay and watch them perform whether you want beads or not.


6. Jungle cruise map

After you ride the jungle cruise you can ask a cast member for a map! They may make you make an animal noise or say a joke but its a fun free souvenir. These usually run out fast so be sure to ride the ride first thing in the morning.


7.  Replacements

While it’s not a free item on its own, most cast members will help you replace a broken item or popped balloon the same day you purchased it in the park. Also if you purchase an item and don’t wish to carry it around, the information booth by the front of the park will hold your items for you until you leave.

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8. Pin Trading

While you must purchase a pin to do this, you can trade a pin for a pin on any cast members lanyard or pin trading stand at the register in a store. Just ask the cast members what pins they have to trade and they will show you. A cast member can’t tell you no. They have to trade with you.

A lot of things are pretty pricey when you go to the Disney parks, so it is always nice to be able to pick up a couple of free items for your family and friends. If you have picked up any of these free items tell me which one is your favorite! 

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