Google Celebrates Star Trek!

Google, star trek

Google has released a front-page doodle celebrating the 46th anniversary for Star Trek.

While folks who love round numbers might not be thrilled with this development, the adorable application contains references to the original series like transporters, the Gorn, and a (spoiler alert) doomed redshirt.

Previous Google doodles have honored a wide variety of topics, including the discovery of Darwinius masillae, science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem’s 90th birthday, and electronic pioneer Robert Moog’s 78th birthday.

Robert is a science geek with a passion for science fiction. He has a BS in general biology and currently works in an occupational health lab at The University of Arizona. Additionally, Boumis has published three short stories, all science fiction, and does costuming in his spare time. His interests include classic science fiction novels, sci-fi films, filmmaking, UFOs, and video games. Follow his Facebook here:

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