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Microsoft announces “new” feature updates for Xbox One

Image courtesy of Xbox.com
Image courtesy of Xbox.com

Now that the Xbox One has had some time to stretch its legs, it needs to gear up for the spring season of games incoming. Microsoft announced today that the system would be getting an update on February 11

Unfortunately, these updates seem more like the Xbox One playing catch up, rather than any huge improvements. Some of the things mentioned in the patch announcement include the ability to manage download priorities, the controller battery power indicator, being able to manage your console’s storage space, and USB keyboard compatibility.

So all in all, the updates will make the Xbox One somewhat on par with the features of its predecessor the Xbox 360.

The Microsoft team did also mention in their release that there will be another hefty update ahead in preparation for the release of Titanfall. Hopefully that patch will include the rumored GPU performance adjustments or you know, actually new features that we didn’t have on an older console beforehand.

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