Phoenix Comicon Artist Denae Frazier

Phoenix Comicon is just a few days away!  Let’s chat with local artist Denae Frazier, one of the Phoenix Comicon Badge winners!

JW: Where did you study art?

DF: Well the educated answer would be at Mesa Community College. But the truth of the matter is I’ve studied art nearly all my life. Through TV, several classes in elementary school, middle school, and high school. I was a teacher’s assistant for a high school art class where I ran half the class, and a year later taught one year of high school Art 101. In College I took classes and was given half a 101 class and a full class the next semester to teach. I enjoyed teaching, and the students let me know how easy it was to learn under my guidance, and how much I inspired them to do more. It was an experience I will never forget. My professor who works at ASU wanted to put in a good word for me to get me a teaching job there, but I had other aspirations in art. She’d still be pleased to know that I still in some way share the knowledge that I know to help others grow in the industry. I am constantly learning and improving my techniques. You never stop growing.

JW: What is your specialty?

DF: My Specialty is Star Wars and comic art on sketch cards, prints, etc. Sketch cards have allowed me to reach out across the world and touch the hearts of someone far away. It is the coolest thing to see where people are from, and get emails from them happy with their finds. My other specialty of doing prints extends to vast subject matters, and some have a personal story within the art piece. It’s like little cookies of my life. Each piece is special to me and I love seeing people, and children happy to have one of their very own. I just want to share joy with people. Whimsical or not, I love to see their pleasant reactions to the art.

Denae Frazier 2

JW: How many comicons and other events do you attend each year?

DF: For a while it was only three per year, but it has grown, contracted, and has expanded as the years go on. I’ve been at Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Phoenix Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, and soon the WonderCon Anaheim. I’ve had my eye on a few others and soon, if not even this year.

JW: Where can we see more of your artwork?

DF: You can find more of my artwork on my Facebook page at:  If you look in the albums you’ll find a vast array of subjects, both in realism and my comic book style.

JW: Who’s your favorite super hero?

DF: My favorite super hero, I couldn’t pick one, so it is Batman, She-ra and Wonder Woman. I love Batman because he is human, and a detective; which I’m partial to mysteries myself, and is a master of the Samurai, which I totally respect. Honor… an ancient view, and from a civilization that has always captured my attention. Dark, mysterious, and powerful. Love it! She-ra and Wonder Woman are powerful, confident women, who are beautiful and kind. They are both infectious in every way. They ride flying horses, fights with their fists, and have mean kicks. They don’t take crap from anyone, and yet are the most caring and thoughtful of friends. They are kind-hearted and willing to help others. Inside us all there’s light and dark. Perhaps we are so attracted by these heroes because they in some way mirror things in ourselves or what we would like to be. I’d like to think in some way, I see a relation to them.

Well, that’s a wrap!  Try to catch Denae and her amazing artwork at PCC in a week!  See you at the Con!

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