Star Trek Meets Planet Of The Apes!

IDW Publishing Partners With Boom! Studios For Epic Crossover   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “mind-meld” with a sentient ape? Or wanted to see a Klingon on horseback, brandishing a rifle? Readers will soon have a chance to peek into just such an alternate future, as IDW

Top 11 Greatest Crossover Battles

' The essence of being a geek is discussing who would win in a fight between characters that could never possibly meet. When you are tired of making the same old Captain America vs Batman arguments, here are 11 more epic clashes to consider...   11. Batman and Robin vs Howard Stern and

Top 11 Classic Doctor Who Episodes

  In anticipation of the new season, BBC America has a new show called Doctor Who: Revisited, which give a brief history of each Doctor along with a classic episode. Since there have been eleven Doctors so far, it seems like a good fit for a Top 11 list...   11. Tragedy strikes