Top 11 Classic Doctor Who Episodes



In anticipation of the new season, BBC America has a new show called Doctor Who: Revisited, which give a brief history of each Doctor along with a classic episode. Since there have been eleven Doctors so far, it seems like a good fit for a Top 11 list…


11. Tragedy strikes when Jack Harkness breaks Rose’s nose with a stray football on the day before her big date, but it all turns out alright when it turns out that her date was only interested in her for her looks, and she ends up going out with the nice guy.


10. The Doctor travels to Earth in 1968, where his attempts to sabotage a nuclear missile launch bringing him into conflict with the time-travelling crew of the starship Enterprise.



9. When the TARDIS needs several rare parts for repairs, the Doctor’s only option is to leap into the bodies of people in the past to find them, accompanied only by a hologram named Al.



8. Gordon Jump guests on this very special episode of Doctor Who, in which the Doctor must save his companion from the attentions of the old man who owns the bike shop.


7. Captured by mad scientists and imprisoned on a remote satellite, the Doctor uses parts from the TARDIS to craft two robots, to help him keep his sanity during an endless barrage of horrible movies.



6. The Doctor and K-9 must help several kids save the old amusement park by proving that the ghost haunting it is really just Old Man Johnson from the general store.



5. While exploring the far nooks and crannies of the TARDIS, Amy and Rory discover a strange book simply titled “To Serve Man.” Hilarity ensues.


4.  The headmaster of the Gallifreyan Time Institute assigns The Doctor an important task: he must find and destroy the seven artifacts that contain The Master’s soul.



3. Dr Who and his companions, Watt and Ida Know, visit America in 1938 and join a baseball team.

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2. As Martha Jones prepares for a battle of the bands, a group of punk rock daleks steal her instruments.  The Doctor saves the day, Martha wins first prize, and The Doctor sings Kool & the Gang’s “Celebrate”.


1. The Doctor abducts several well-known figures from throughout earth’s timeline and brings them to 1989, in order to help his two companions pass their high school history final and impress two medieval princesses.




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