Friend Request | Movie Review

Sometimes a horror movie doesn't have to be great to be fun.  In fact some of the worst horror movies, by accident, turn out to be nice comedies.  Then there are those bad horror movies that are so bad they just can't redeem themselves.  Sometimes, at the very least, when

Annabelle: Creation | Movie Review

When The Conjuring was released, it was not a only a great horror movie that turned into an instant classic, it was also a well-made film, period.  The characters, story, direction, editing, and set design all came together.  Following the successful Insidious and Saw franchises, it was probably the apex

STEP | Movie Review

When you grow up, you have dreams and ambitions that far exceed your ability at the time, but you know eventually you will get there.  You practice, study, and improve at whatever skill you think will move you forward.  There will be obstacles in your way, distractions from your ultimate

A Ghost Story | Movie Review

The studio A24 has made a name for itself by providing audiences with unique films that subvert their genre.  The Witch, Swiss Army Man, and The Lobster are examples of a certain style of filmmaking this company encourages.  These films lean heavily on character development, but are combined with a