Unfriended: Dark Web | Movie Review

The internet is your friend and like most friendships, they can grow and evolve or become toxic and unhealthy.  Parents put safeguards on their kids' phones and computers to shield them from the dangers of oversharing shall we say; but sooner or later the training wheels come off and those kids will have to learn to navigate the online jungle of wisdom, insight, inspiration, misinformation, low-brow entertainment, self-destructive tendencies, and nefarious agendas.  The internet really

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again | Movie Review

No matter how bad things in your life get, you can rest assured that there will always be family and friends by your side to see you through it.  They may even join you in a spontaneous, but somehow incredibly choreographed musical number. Okay, that last part is probably not a common occurrence.  I would gather some of you may even suffer from a lack of emotional support and are struggling to make it through

Skyscraper | Movie Review

Disaster movies have always been good, fun-loving, popcorn entertainment.  Towering Inferno and Poseidon Adventure are two that come to mind.  Both have star-studded casts and lots of action.  I preferred Poseidon because the characters had more depth, which gave the situation a more emotional impact.  Not that you need a dramatic spin to your disaster movie, but if you want to engage the audience more and keep them coming, it does help. Other noteworthy disaster films

The Greatest Showman | Movie Review

Whenever the holidays roll around, we can always expect a few feel-good movies to round out the year.  Something to tug at the heartstrings, have us share some hilarious joke as a family, or leave us humming a tune that is now cleverly lodged in our subconscious.  The musical is one such genre that caters to the emotions of the holiday crowd.  Even when the subject matter is downtrodden and morose, a good song can

Justice League | Movie Review

There's been a lot of discussion about the Justice League and our review of the Justice League movie. The DC cinematic franchise was on shaky ground following the critically savaged Batman v. Superman and the even worse Suicide Squad.  Warner Brothers didn't seem willing to slow things down and rethink their strategy, but they did take notice and bring in new blood to help with the entries that followed. Patty Jenkins turned down a shot

Happy Death Day | Movie Review

happy death day movie review

A good slasher movie is one of the hallmarks of any horror fan's catalog.  Sure you can dabble between genres for something a little more intellectual, such as a psychological thriller; or a suspenseful romance with fatal consequences perhaps.  Sometimes, however, you just want to see helpless teenagers getting chased and torn to shreds. The simplicity of a slasher film, much like a survival movie, is the pure catharsis.  It allows the main character and by

Friend Request | Movie Review

Sometimes a horror movie doesn't have to be great to be fun.  In fact some of the worst horror movies, by accident, turn out to be nice comedies.  Then there are those bad horror movies that are so bad they just can't redeem themselves.  Sometimes, at the very least, when all other aspects fail, they still manage to deliver a decent scare here and there.  Friend Request falls somewhere in the middle of this bunch. In

IT | Movie Review

it movie review

Stephen King films and stories have been around for decades.  The very first film to be made from his work was Carrie, a story that King's wife rescued from the waste bin and encouraged him to finish.  It was directed by Brian De Palma and was brilliantly adapted and crafted.  Subsequent films have been hit or miss, based on which studio was involved and how much talent and effort they were willing to put towards

Annabelle: Creation | Movie Review

When The Conjuring was released, it was not a only a great horror movie that turned into an instant classic, it was also a well-made film, period.  The characters, story, direction, editing, and set design all came together.  Following the successful Insidious and Saw franchises, it was probably the apex of James Wan's career in the horror genre up to that point.  It also begun the cinematic universe of the Conjuring world.  Conjuring 2 had

STEP | Movie Review

When you grow up, you have dreams and ambitions that far exceed your ability at the time, but you know eventually you will get there.  You practice, study, and improve at whatever skill you think will move you forward.  There will be obstacles in your way, distractions from your ultimate goal, but it's your determination and resolve that helps you avoid them and stay on target.  If anything the only real danger to not becoming