Superhero Anniversaries Infographic!

superhero anniversaries

Comic book artists breathe life into new creations each and every year. Some of these new characters might start as a doodle on a napkin, or as a well-thought out addition to a long-standing comic book. It’s such a momentous occasion either way, but why do we stop there? Why


It’s June and to celebrate Phoenix Comicon, FilmBar is showcasing Superheroes all month long. Screenings of The Crow (with a First Friday Superhero Photo booth), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (with a Pizza Party),Superman II – The Richard Donner Cut (where you can create your own Superhero Undies) & The Dark Knight (with Batman Trivia & Comic Giveaway)

Top 11 Future Animal-based Superheroes

The Wolverine hit theaters last weekend, and we saw the prototype for Rocket Raccoon at SDCC two weeks ago. Clearly, Marvel is betting big on animal-themed characters. If they ever run out of ideas, here are 11 that would make excellent franchises. 11. The Sloth - He fights villainy with his