GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 12

It’s good to be a villain! This week's GNN Weekly Wrap Up takes our hosts to the side of anti-heroes as Stich, Tia, and Chris discuss news about DC Comics, Suicide Squad, and Injustice. The crew gets into discussion about new developments in the Beauty and the Beast world both

GNN Podcast | Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 9

The GNN Podcast is back with episode 9 of the Weekly Wrap Up! Chris and Stitch reunite with Tia to bring you the latest in Geek news around the world. This week brings in news from Netflix, developments from Japan, and hilarity both at home and abroad. Our hosts chat

Sony Pictures to distribute THE INTERVIEW online beginning Christmas Eve

Google Play, YouTube Movies, Microsoft’s Xbox Video and Dedicated Website  Film To Be Widely Available On Demand Throughout The United States   Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that The Interview will be available online across the United States starting today, Christmas Eve. As of 10:00 a.m. PST, the film will be available to rent in

Conspiracy Weekly: 1962 Mars Landing

This video clip and the accompanying conspiracy theory  is a personal favorite of mine.  Supposedly, at least one joint American-Soviet mission to Mars took place in the early sixties.  This sounds insane, but there’s video proof to back it up. The video consists of a spacecraft (Marscraft?) descending on the surface

H+: Humanity Goes Offline

We all know how catastrophic it can be when a new computer virus comes along. The world as we know it is disrupted right? We can’t Google for information. We can’t watch our dancing cats on YouTube. We can’t even get on Facebook to complain about the virus affecting us.