Top 11 Bad Ideas from Science Fiction


Science fiction is a genre of ideas, exploring how one new creation could affect the future. Unfortunately, not all of these ideas are good ones.

11. Space exploration – Space is an infinite void, filled with an endless variety of alien life forms. Unfortunately, they’re all jerks. They only want to contact us so that they can conquer our planet and steal our resources. I don’t talk to the people next door, why would I want to communicate with the beings of Ceti Alpha V?

10. Light Saber – Kids today can’t be trusted with fireworks for fear that they will blow off their fingers; how are they going to handle a special energy blade that cuts through anything

9. Food Replicator – If anyone can just dial up fast food from their living rooms, how will teenagers ever get their first job?

8. Protocol Droids – Isn’t the first rule of protocol “Don’t be whiney and annoying?”

7. Universal translators – If everyone speaks the same language, how will we mock the people with funny accents?

6. Virtual reality – I barely leave the house as it is; if I could plug into a fantasy world and become a wizard or space knight, I would never log out for long enough to pick up my comics

5. Videophones – I know this technology is already available on most mobile phones, but I’m concerned with it invading the home. When I’m out with my mobile phone, I’m usually wearing pants

4. Cloaking devices – How will we know when to slow down to the speed limit if the cops are all invisible?

3. Time travel – Do you remember remember those guys that portait-bombed the Mona Lisa?  No? Then time travel isn’t possible

2. Clones – All new technology is expensive; by the time cloning becomes affordable, the world will already be overrun with Kardashians and Biebers

1. Woman’s Suffrage


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