Classic movie monsters never die, they just get crappy remakes.  Here is what 11 of your favorite horror movie icons are up to these days.


11.The Phantom of the Opera moved to Hollywood, where he could use his musical talent to become a big-time record producer.  He changed his name to Phil Spectre, and the rest is history.




10. King Kong renounced Christianity, now runs a small Muslim community as Kong X.





9. The Bride of Frankenstein works as a hair dresser in Boca Raton.





8. Frankenstein’s Monster runs a successful dermatology and bolt removal practice in Detroit.





7. Dracula immigrated to America and developed a great interest in politics, eventually founding a blog called the Huffington Post.





6. The Fly patented several of his inventions and retired to a tropical island, where he spends his time prank calling Jeff Goldblum.





5. Godzilla lost all his money investing in insurance.  He can now be seen taking pictures with tourists for tips on Hollywood Blvd, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.





4. Upon his release from the asylum, Norman Bates changed his name and got back into the hotel business.  He retired in the 80s to raise his daughter Paris.





3. The Blob has been a mainstay in conservative talk radio for over a decade.





2. The Mummy now designs women’s fashions for one of the largest design houses in Italy.





1. The Wolfman runs a chain of successful dog-grooming shops in Manhattan, but he still can’t get himself a decent haircut.






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