Do you have a supervillain in your life?  Sure, we all do.  Make this holiday season a special one for them with one of these fabulous gifts, and they might spare you when they takeover/demolish the planet.
(Bonus tip: Don’t forget to save the receipt, in case they already have what you purchased, or they get dragged to the bowels of Hell before you can deliver it)


11.Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.


10. The heads of their enemies.  If you can afford it, display the heads tastefully on pikes, in jars, or on a silver platter.


9. A lab assistant with a hunchback.  Is there any other kind?


8. A power ring, of the appropriate color for the recipient. Make mine orange, then send me the other colors as stocking stuffers.


7. Sharks with laser beams on their heads.


6. The Little Frankenstein Monster Maker Kit, complete with the brain of a recently deceased criminal.


5. A self-destruct button for their lair.  Every good lair has one.

4. A giant magnet, to shut down the circuitry of their killer robots when they begin to rebel.  And they WILL rebel; they always do.


3. Necronomicon for Kindle.


2. A clone of themselves.  Make sure to mark the clone, so there is no future confusion about which one was the original.


1. The droids they are looking for.

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