Top 11 Independence Celebrations


Canada has just celebrated Canada Day, and American Independence Day is this weekend. Here is how independence is celebrated by others throughout the universe…


11. In Latveria, they light bonfires to commemorate when the last book that featured the word “Independence” was burned.


10. Oompa Loompas celebrate their salvation from the vicious knids, and are definitely not secretly plotting a revolution against their current slave master.


9. Edward Scissorhands celebrates his freedom from fingers. At least I think he’s celebrating. Who can tell? That kid is a weirdo.


8. The elves celebrate their escape from Sauron and departure from Middle Earth by spending a month in the tundra building toys for the children of their new homelands.


7. The Vulcans quietly celebrate their independence from emotion through quiet contemplation and frequent viewings of reality television, to remind them how far they could fall.


6. Godzilla fans celebrate independence from that awful Matthew Broderick movie.


5. The crew of the Serenity celebrate their independence from Fox by remaining popular and being successful in their new roles.


4. The residents of Arkham Asylum celebrate their freedom from sanity by blowing up Gotham City. (Unlike the other items on this list, this is not an annual event, but a weekly one).


3. Snake Plissken celebrates his independence from people that think he is dead by killing them.


2. Hans Gruber celebrates his independence from being an ordinary thief by moving up to kidnapping.


1. Deadpool celebrates Independence Day by blowing things up. Of course, for Deadpool, every day is Independence Day.


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