Top 11 SDCC Exclusives




San Diego Comic Con is currently underway. One of the chief advantages of attending SDCC is access to convention-exclusive merchandise. Here are 11 of the best…


11. A Marvel Ant Man Farm.



10. For the price of just one Aquaman joke, you can get a personalized punch in the face from Jason Momoa.



9. Spider-Man action figure with interchangable heads, so you can select your favorite actor.


8. “I survived Hall H” t-shirts.



7. Mark Evanier action figure, complete with its own podium.


6. Bobblehead MODOK.


5. A George Lucas bust that weeps tears of pure gold.


4. The first Ben Affleck Batman action figure, which is totally not the Ben Affleck Daredevil figure painted blue.



3. Doctor Who wibbly wobbly timey wimey alarm clock, with randomized alarm setting.



2. A complete line of screen-accurate Firefly action figures and replicas. They are so accurate that they will be released out-of-order and canceled before the set is complete.



1. A guaranteed job for your children at the Gaslight District McDonalds, after you blow their college funds on useless crap.


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