Top 11 Sesame Street/Comic Book Mashups We Want to See



Kids love superheroes. Kids love Sesame Street. This seems like a natural.


11. Big Bird vs Hawkman


10. D-Man and Oscar the Grouch


9. Burt and Ernie gain the powers of the Wonder Twins


8. Grant Morrison presents Danny the Sesame Street


7. John Constantine must investigate why no one can see Snufffaluffagus


6. Jim Starlin’s The Life and Death of Mr Hooper #TooSoon


5. Walt Simonson’s Kermit the Frog Thor


4. Starfox tickles Elmo


3. The Punisher moves in to clean up Sesame Street, gets bored, relocates to Avenue Q


2. Blade decapitates the Count in 1… 2… swings of his sword ah ah ah


1. Bizarro Super Grover

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