Top 11 Upcoming Marvel Movies


Earlier this week, Marvel announced all of it’s “Phase 3” movies planned up to 2020, along with their release dates. They are already at work on their Phase 4 line-up, some of which have already been leaked…


11. Luke Cage – Set for a Sweet Christmas release.


10. NFL Superpro – A football player gains miraculous powers, but with a catch: he cannot use his powers to beat up anyone that is actually related to him.


9. Spider-Man Clone Saga – All of the roles will be played by Deep Roy, the guy who played the Oompa Loompas in the Willy Wonka remake.


8. Giant Sized Man Thing – ’nuff said.


7. She-Hulk – It’s a remake of “And Justice For All” with a giant green woman replacing Al Pacino.


6. The Death of Captain Marvel – It’s like any other superhero movie, except instead of crime, he’s fighting cancer.


5. Secret Wars 2 – This movie will be completely incomprehensible unless you also watch dozens of crossover movies.


4. Spider Woman – Three movies are planned, each with a different origin story.


3. Marvel Team Up – A series of movies teaming the major stars of the Marvel universe with lesser known contemporaries. First up, Spider-Man and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players.


2. Assistant Editors Month: The Motion Picture – This was written while the producers were out of town, and no one knows what it will involve, although David Letterman is rumored to make a cameo.


1. Dazzler – What kid doesn’t want to see a movie about a roller skating disco diva who can project light like a human disco ball?


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