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Top 11 Seasonal Changes in Pop Culture


I turned off the AC in my car, so that means that fall is here, and the holiday season with it. Whether you are in to Halloween, Thanksgiving, or that thing in December, pop culture has you covered…


11. Zombies start feasting on pumpkin spiced brains.


10. For the month of November, the Flash ‘ civilian identity will be referred to as “Cranberry Allen”.


9. Hannibal Lecter’s protective face mask has been painted to look like a jack’o’lantern.


8. Disney’s Star Tours ride has been redecorated in Life Day colors.


7. Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by The Ghost Rider of Christmas Past.


6. Halloween is the one day of the year when Hank Venture dresses up as something other than Batman.


5. Jack Skellington celebrates Thanksgiving by finishing up his 3 week hookers-and-blow binge.


4. Uatu the Watcher must admit that even he does not understand what Kwanzaa is.


3. The Walking Dead crew will start killing zombies with sharpened candy canes through the eye socket.


2. This time, Drew Barrymore gets kidnapped by a poultygeist.


1. Batman goes out on Halloween patrol dressed as Aquaman, because Batman does have a sense of humor.


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