Her Universe and ThinkGeek team up for ultimate Star Trek Holiday Fashion Collection

Her Universe and ThinkGeek Team Up to Create the Ultimate 50th Anniversary Star Trek Fashion Collection for the Holidays Set phasers to stun! In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, Her Universe, the groundbreaking fangirl fashion company and lifestyle brand, has joined forces with ThinkGeek, the premier retailer for the global geek community, to launch

Top 11 Gifts for Pop Culture Characters

You get gifts for your family and your friends, why not for your favorite pop culture characters who bring you entertainment throughout the year?   11. For Deadpool, some thorazine to stop those voices in his head.   10. For Oliver Queen, the complete series of Mr Show on Blu ray. He needs a

11 Days of Geekmas

On the eleventh day of geekmas, a True Nerd gave to me…   Eleven great list items Ten Pre-Smith Doctors Nine Ring wraiths riding Eight Potter movies Seven Justice Leaguers Six cosmic gemstones Five evil Kirks Four Fantastic Heroes Three crappy prequels Two Wonder Twins And a power ring with a battery

Top 11 Seasonal Changes in Pop Culture

I turned off the AC in my car, so that means that fall is here, and the holiday season with it. Whether you are in to Halloween, Thanksgiving, or that thing in December, pop culture has you covered...   11. Zombies start feasting on pumpkin spiced brains.   10. For the month of November,

Top 11 Gifts that I Didn’t Get

We've survived another holiday season; all that's left is to toss out all the wrapping people and divvy up the loot. That leads in to another annual tradition, whining about all of the gifts on our lists that we didn't receive. 11. A Green Lantern ring 10. A Legion flight ring 9. The


As part of its ongoing monthly film series, this December FilmBar provides refuge for those wishing to escape the season’s madness with holiday films & nostalgic classics! Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Mimosa’s, Ghostbusters II with the Arizona Ghostbusters & a life-size Vigo, plus The Hebrew Hammer and more. Tickets, show times &

Top 11 Holiday Traditions Across the Universe

The holiday season is upon us once again; let's take time out from our busy schedule of waiting in lines and complaining about crappy Christmas music to examine holiday traditions from across the universe...   11. On Bizarro World,  Santa lives at the molten center of the earth, and comes up through